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Our team training content is inspirational, professional, challenging, and motivational. Small group, large group and everything in between, we are confident that your team will gain a new perspective on their role in the organization.

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"If your company wants leadership training that actually improves your bottom line, then ExecuSpect should be on your short list.”

Darcy Guello

Are you building the right foundation to take your career or business to the next level?

Business leaders across the globe are dissatisfied with the results of their current corporate training programs due to most employees reverting back to old habits in just a short time. Researchers have concluded that there needs to be an individualized focus on training, rather than a one-size-fits-all program to see lasting results.

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Execuspect is the answer to the business professionals needs

Execuspect’s unique approach to leadership development has been the missing link for many business profesionals, reachout to Dr. Mike today!

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ExecuSpect’s Leadership Development presents: IPD an individualized performance development seminar.

This is a unique event in that you will be gathered with your peers as we discuss your personal results of our SKAN assessment. With your registration, you will gain access to our proprietary professional skills analysis assessment and will receive your results at our very first session together.

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Learn the 7 elements of leadership

Explore the 4 elements to transformational leadership as well as the 3 elements to servant leadership. These two leadership styles are vital to organizational success. Discover your leadership type, temperament, and behavior that is natural to your personality because personality behaviors certainly interfere with the elements associated with transformational and servant leadership.

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