A Skills Analysis

Our SKAN assessments are scientifically validated by utilizing Triangulation in Qualitative Research. We identify needs for changes in human behavior by measuring three points of data from one individual. This helps us to target diminished skills as impacted by personality tendencies and unproductive practices.

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“Want to build a better business, begin by building a better self and invest in your team! When all succeed, your business will thrive!”

Crystal Sanders

SKAN 360

SKAN 360 is the best and most productive tool for you to achieve the highest level of understanding on how your team sees your leadership. This assessment is strictly confidential and supremely powerful. Just click the link to schedule your SKAN 360.

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“Mike Rhodabarger leads a confident, and meaningful organization. He truly cares for the success of others and helps guide the growth of the future leaders of any company.”

Brittani Booker

Peak Performance

Team Development Seminar

Online, On-Site, or at our training center, you will be inspired, challenged, empowered, and encouraged. Peak Performance is a series of training courses that can be completed in one day or over several months; it depends on your needs. Facilitated by an Execuspect expert, you will receive a link to our SKAN assessment, a copy of your personal results and a copy of our founder’s book The Chameleon Effect: Counterintuitive Leadership. Inquire by clicking the link below and learn about other group training seminars we offer as well.

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“Changes Happens When People Starting Leading Themselves First.”

Organized Team. Organized Business. Massive Growth!

Execuspect will empower your team to grow from harnessing the power of preparedness and organization in your business practices. The individual coaching within groups is a game changer and will leave your leaders feeling emboldened and confident.

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Live training from the experts at execuspect

ExecuSpect’s Leadership Development presents: IPD an individualized performance development seminar.

This is a unique event in that you will be gathered with your peers as we discuss your personal results of our SKAN assessment. With your registration, you will gain access to our proprietary professional skills analysis assessment and will receive your results at our very first session together.

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Learn the 7 Elements of Effective Leadership

Explore the 4 elements to transformational leadership as well as the 3 elements to servant leadership. These two leadership styles are vital to organizational success. Discover your leadership type, temperament, and behavior that is natural to your personality and learn how personality behaviors interfere with the elements associated with transformational and servant leadership.

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